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About CAIT

Here's some info about my crazy self...

Was I the only one in school that hated when we had to describe ourselves? Well I guess it was all to prepare me for writing about myself right now! Honestly the best way to probably describe myself is to just tell you I am an ESTJ according to Myers-Briggs, and a Blue-Red according to Taylor Hartman.


I was born and raised in Struthers, Ohio to a Puerto-Rican mom and an Italian dad. So needless to say... I can be very loud and I talk a lot with my hands. Oh, and I am the oldest of 5 kids. It's fun ;) I LOVE TRAVELING. Anytime I can get out of Ohio, I do. I have been all over the world and can't wait to cross more countries off my list.

Photography is one of my passions. I'm sure you will see/hear/read that a lot, but it really and truly is. I love when I have a vision in my head that I can bring to life. When I look at something, any object or person, I can already see how the final image is going to turn out after I capture, edit, and develop it. It's so cool when people see and love my vision as well! 


When I am photographing people, I like to capture the natural emotion on their faces. The moments when you don't even realize I am taking your photo is PRICELESS. I also don't pose like the old school photographers that took your school pictures, Walmart family photos, and even your parents wedding photos! They definitely paved the way for all of us though, so RESPECT. I focus more on candids. Achieving this is so easy and you seriously don't have to worry about not being photogenic because you're just going to be having fun and living in the moment<3

Contact me using the form below and we can definitely chat about your photo needs. I am here for any crazy ideas and you are FOR SURE welcome to bring pets to your sessions! 

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